Stage and hospitality plans

Donwload my stage and hospitality plans to manage the event.


Line Instrument Microphone/DI Band member Comments
1 Vocals Shure SM58 beta Charis Tsalpara XLR
2 Piano (treble) Shure SM58 beta   XLR
3 Piano (treble) Shure SM58 beta   XLR


We are two members band (1 musician plus 1 sound tech) . If drivers, sound and/or lighting-techs, etc. join the show, this is discussed beforehand.
We’d appreciate if you provide two clean towels.
For the show, we need 2 bottles of flat, non-carbonated water. Also, fresh fruit, non-alcoholic beverages and beer throughout the evening are appreciated.
Please consider that we might have been on tour for a few weeks already at the time of the concert. Fresh, healthy food will go a long way and help us stay healthy and full of energy for the concerts.
We need 1 double-bed room, plus breakfast. Please ensure late check-out earliest at 12:00. Band apartments need to be comfortable, clean and individually accessible by each band member and offer a restful and silent night.

.::Thank you::.

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